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Can I access my TetherBox while it is offline?
Can I access my TetherBox while it is offline?

Using the TetherBox offline interface

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Yes, you can! - the TetherBox continues to record while offline and you can even access those recordings without an Internet connection.

How do I open the TetherBox local interface?

1. Open the TetherBox local IP address in your browser

Note: You will need your API Token which can be accessed from your Timeline by tapping on your user avatar in the top right and selecting the API Details tab:

2) Enter your TetherBox Token and press Login

Cameras Page

On the Cameras page, you can see the real-time live-view in high quality of your cameras.

Note: Click on your camera to open the full-page view.

Recordings Page

On the Recording tab, you can see all the videos stored on your TetherBox. These folders with an interval at an hour keep records with discovered movement.

Click on the folder to see all the records made at this time interval.

Settings Page

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select the Settings item to open the settings page.

On this page, you can add IP addresses to scan the subnet. If your cameras are on the network that TetherBox could not determine and it is in the same subnet with your TetherBox, you can add this address here to make your TetherBox automatically detect cameras in this network.

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