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What is the minimum connection speed required by a TetherBox?
What is the minimum connection speed required by a TetherBox?

TetherX minimum bandwidth requirements

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TetherX is deployed all over the world in locations with varying connection speeds.

While we recommend a minimum 2mbit upload for optimal performance, TetherX will work with as little as 256kbit (0.26mbit) upload on either wired, wireless or cellular connections (e.g. 3G, 4G, 5G, etc).

For reliable operation, the speed is less important than ensuring there is little packet loss on the connection and the latency is under 2,000ms. The vast majority of connections should work unless there is a fault with the router or very poor cellular reception (under 1 bar).

As long as you have the minimum connection speed requirement of 256kbit upload, under 20% packet loss and under 2,000ms latency, you will be able to:

  • Use the TetherX platform

  • View Events

  • View Live

  • Tunnel into a camera

  • Receive notifications

  • Monitor the health of devices

  • and everything else that is part of the TetherX platform

Even if the above minimum requirements are not met, you may still be able to operate the TetherX platform, but the user experience will be reduced.

Video Bitrate Recommendation

As a general rule, we recommend matching your camera recording bitrate with your upload speed to ensure smooth playback when loading recordings. This is not a requirement, however live view will generate lower resolution images should the connection not able to keep up with bitrate set on the camera.

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