First, we make some clarifications in terms and what they mean.

  1. Timeline - this is a folder that contains all information relevant to the user (Tetherbox, cameras, settings, etc...)

  2. Location - this is where Tetherbox is installed on the Timeline

  3. Device - this is a physical unit on a network with an IP and MAC address, which can be detected by a network scanner.


John Doe Home - Timeline

J.Doe Garden - Location

J.Doe House - Location

J.Doe Garage - Location

Usually, one Tetherbox is used on one Location. When we add devices to this Tetherbox they are automatically added to that timeline and locations.

If you set two Tetherbox's to a location, then the camera will only be assigned to Tetherbox "A" (one of them), and when you try to add this camera to Tetherbox "B", the Tetherbox will see that this is the same location and will move from Tetherbox "A" to Tetherbox "B" (It will not be added, but will be moved).

There are two ways to add the same camera to two Tetherboxes in one location:

1. Use RTSP URLs to add a camera. At the same time, the camera's device will be attached only to Tetherbox "A", and Tetherbox "B" will use RTSP URLs for recording and live view from this device.

2. Split the location into two (or more) and add one Tetherbox for each.

When activating Tetherbox, select New Location and create a location.

How can I activate a new Tetherbox?

Note: To move an already activated Tetherbox to another Location, you must first do Factory Reset.

Tetherbox "B" will automatically detect cameras on the network and add them. The system will consider it to be a different physical location and has nothing to do with the location where Tetherbox "A" is located. This way you can add the same device to two different Tetherboxes.

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