Tether use the "email integration" to send alarm reports to Sentinel and IMMIX. Operators of alarm receiving centres can also access the Tether platform directly, without any special setup such as port forwarding or VPNs.

We also support feeding video surveillance and alarm receiving data to the CONXTD platform.

IMMIX/Sentinel Setup

The setup process is very straightforward but does require your Sentinel or IMMIX to be set up to receive email events.

1. On the Tether platform, go to the Locations page

2. Press the Edit Location button

3. Select the Sentinel and IMMIX Tab

4. Tick the checkbox and fill in the alarm receiving email address

Once saved, all Machine Learning (e.g. Calipsa / DeepAlert), Analytics (e.g. object unattended) and VMD (Video Motion Detection) events will be sent to the alarm receiving centre.

Adding a live feed to Sentinel or IMMIX

Please refer to this page for instructions how to add a live camera feed: Adding a live camera feed to IMMIX or Sentinel

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