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Can I use custom branding?
Can I use custom branding?

How can I use my own branding with TetherX

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To add branding for your company you should contact the TetherX support team ( and send to us the company logo, ideally in PNG format (with transparency) in at least 500x500px resolution.

We'll also ask you to fill out the below information in order to set up the platform:

  • Tagline

  • Support Email

  • Copyright


  • Products URL

  • Subscriptions URL

  • Where to buy URL

  • Compatibility URL

  • Support URL

  • About URL

  • Terms URL

  • Privacy URL

  • News URL

  • Twitter URL

  • Linkedin URL

  • Contact URL

Note: These URLs are optional, any URLs left out will be hidden in the footer. Please make sure all URLs begin with "http://" or "https://"

Please provide the above and we will have this actioned within 2 working days. Once complete, we will send it to you for approval before we add the branding to the relevant timeline(s).

Note: There is a charge attached with this service, please contact your account manager for details.

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