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How to setup Paxton Net2 with TetherX
How to setup Paxton Net2 with TetherX

Connecting the Paxton Net2 Access Control system to TetherX

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TetherX can connect to access control systems such as Paxton Net2 to remotely control Net2 as well as perform various automation. For example, disarming an alarm when a person enters a building. You can find more details here.


License setup

  1. Click with a right mouse button on Paxton Shortcut and press Properties in the context menu:

  2. Open File Location

  3. Find the "ApiLicences" folder inside of the "Access Control" folder:

    [INSTALL_LOCATION]\Access Control\ApiLicences
    e.g: C:\Program Files (x86)\Paxton Access\Access Control\ApiLicences\

  4. Download the license file.

  5. Ensure the nginx service is enabled and running in Paxton Net 2:

  6. Restart the net2 server

Setting up Paxton on the timeline

To add a Paxton Net 2 system to your timeline:

  1. Go to the Admin page, Access Control Systems

  2. Tap the New Access Control button.
    (If you are installing the first Access Control system, go to step three)

  3. Select Paxton Net 2

  4. Fill in the required fields and tap the "Create" button.

    1. Username is usually "System engineer"

    2. Password is whatever you set it on Net2

    3. Port is usually 8080

Note: Please make sure you have installed the Paxton license.

Using the Integration

To view information about your Access Control System click on the information icon:

On the Access Control Units tab, you can assign a camera to your unit. This camera will record events when the access control system is triggered.


To add a user to the access control system:

  1. Go to the profile of the person you want to add to the Paxton tab

  2. Select Access Control Id and Paxton User.

  3. Click the "Update User" button


To view the Access Control Events of your Access Control System, go to the Access tab (in the left side menu).

On the access page, the first thing that catches your eye is the graph. On the graph, you can track ACU activity and frequency.

A little below you will see all the access control events of your access control system, they are attached to the video recordings from your cameras, so you can go from the Access Control Systems page to the events page by simply clicking on the event.

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