Audio Challenge Setup Guide (IP Speaker / PA / Tannoy / Audio Transmit)

How to set up an IP speaker like the Axis Network Horn Speaker

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We support the ability to play audio on-site through a speaker or a PA system. But what if you have a network audio transmit device like Axis Horn Speaker and want to use it to play announcements from the TetherX system? This article is how to setup it on the site.

Setup Process

To setup new audio transmit device you need to initialize it on the TetherX site. To do this you need to make a few steps:

  1. Go to the Admin page and click on the Network Devices link to go to the devices page

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  2. Find your audio transmit device in the table and click on the edit icon

  3. On the device edit page tick on the is Audit Transmit Device and click Update button to save the change. By this action, you'll create new audio transmit device in TetherX system

  4. After updating the device go back to the device edit page as described on the 2nd point to make additional changes for your new audio transmit device.

  5. On the page, you see 3 additional fields. You need to setup them, write the correct username and password for your device and click the update button, to save changes.

    1. username - this is the username of your speaker device to have access to its

    2. password - this is the password of your speaker device to have access to its

    3. zone - TetherX zone on which you can play announcement through TetherX live view

Now you can test it on the live view. Go to the TetherX live view, select the proper zone in the layout and start the announcement by clicking on the microphone at the right bottom corner.

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