1. When looking at the side of the unit you will see 4 ports in a line

going in order (Left-Right)

  1. USB-C

  2. micro-HDMI 1

  3. micro-HDMI 2

  4. AUX jack.

2. To connect a Standard HDMI cable to the box you will need a Female HDMI to Male

Micro-HDMI cable adaptor

3. Once you have this its as simple as connecting one end of your cable to your monitor and the other end to the Micro-

then connecting the male micro-HDMI end into the Micro-HDMI port 1 or 2 on the TetherBox.

Your other options are to get a Micro-HDMI cable to standard HDMI this means you won’t need an adaptor.

If you don’t have any signal on the monitor, try powering on and off the unit while the Micro HDMI is plugged in and if that fails try reseating the cable. If this fails, try connecting it to the other Micro-HDMI port on the box.

The correct healthy output should look like this

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