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2021 Q3 - Release Notes
2021 Q3 - Release Notes
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Camera Compatibility

  • Add support for Axis PTZ cameras using the native Axis driver

Audio Challenge

  • Add support for Axis horn speakers


  • New document on how to use PTZ with TetherX Link

  • How to enable Analytics on a Hikvision camera: Link


Live View

  • Toggling HD local streaming would cause cameras to swap places in the layout, this is fixed.

User Management

  • Correctly show image preview when hovering over a person's image in the users' table.

Camera Compatibility

  • Add support for '#' in the password for certain camera models

Continuous Integration

  • TetherX now test drive loading with every line of code changed, to ensure you can always load drives through a TetherBox.


User Management

  • After editing a user, changes were not reflected in the users' table.

Video Surveillance

  • Monitor Ony Mode Improvements - When a camera is set to monitor only and an event is generated in the location, no longer show "Offline?" in the thumbnail.

Alarm Panels

  • Improve styling of alarm emails


  • The branded URLs now support local streaming - for example,

  • Subscriptions that are expiring soon are now visible on the camera table

  • Fix some bugs in the quote tool that incorrectly detected the camera resolution


Small improvements

  • Instead of hiding the "OAuth App" button, show notice

Alarm Panels

  • Alarm emails now list which zones were active at the time

  • Allow specifying how many zones you wish the TetherX platform to monitor

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Camera logs not showing in some cases on the camera page

  • Fixed issue where the TetherBox page didn't show the time the unit was switched on

  • Fix a bug where cameras in "Monitor Only" mode were incorrectly added to the "Unresponsive Cameras" health check.


  • The pre-billing report was changed to go out 2 weeks before the start of the month at the request of many integrators.

  • TetherBox Online Store - now available for select integrators, please contact us for access.

  • Added a "Request a Feature" button and form to Platform.



  • Ability to add whitelist/blacklist plates for ANPR cameras.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed setting brand on new TetherBox.

  • Some live view bug fixes for some devices.


  • IONOX API compatibility.

  • Add HLS / Audio Stream endpoints.

  • Added API docs for getting TetherBox info.


  • Additional documents and case studies can now be found on our website Link

  • Improvements to the Paxton documentation Link


  • Show custom branding on the recording page, was showing default for some users.


Excel Exports

  • Excel exports are now sent by email to prevent you from waiting for them to be generated on the page:

Camera Management

  • TetherX will now validate the camera URL to avoid trying to record from bad URLs

  • You can now trigger relays built into some cameras


  • Added API endpoints to open/close tunnels to devices

  • Added API endpoint for sending an audio broadcast

  • Added API endpoints for controlling PTZ, getting presets, goto preset

Bug Fixes

  • Many internal fixes and improvements to make some parts of the code more resilient.


Event Table

  • Performance improvements when searching for specific analytics.

Stats Page

  • Improvements and bug fixes on the stats page.

Offline Use

  • Fixed issue preventing local streaming in high definition on some devices.

Bug fixes

  • Centred live view idle modal dialogue.


  • The website now has project registration to secure your project pricing.

  • What is an event? Link

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