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Can I use TetherBoxes over a 4G/5G Connection?
Can I use TetherBoxes over a 4G/5G Connection?

TetherBoxes and Cellular/Mobile Connectivity

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TetherBoxes provide a great way to manage remote sites without a hard wired connection. Our versatile technology is compatible with both cellular 4G/5G connections and a wide range of routers and USB modems, including popular models like the Teltonika RUT200 and Teltonika TRM250 4G LTE-M USB.

Our deployments span the globe, including areas with limited connectivity, such as India. We understand that not all areas have access to high-speed broadband, so we have optimised our solution to scale down well to situations with low bandwidth and limited data caps.

In fact, around a quarter of TetherBox installations use a 4G connection.

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