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Can an engineer work for multiple Security Companies using the same user account?
Can an engineer work for multiple Security Companies using the same user account?

How TetherX handles engineers with multiple security companies

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Yes, it is possible to use one user account for managing or installing TetherBoxes across multiple security companies. During the installation process, if you are affiliated with more than one company, you will be presented with a dropdown menu to select the particular company on whose behalf the TetherBox is being installed:

It is essential to emphasise the importance of transparent communication and coordination between all involved parties to prevent any potential misunderstandings or complications related to access and client management.

In a past discussion, a user encountered difficulties with their account being associated with multiple security companies. Upon investigation, it was found that their account had been initially created under one security company and subsequently added to another. When activating TetherBoxes, users are given the option to select the company for which the unit is being activated. Unfortunately, some units were inadvertently activated under the incorrect company, leading to confusion and concerns regarding access.

To prevent such issues, it is important to:

  1. Precisely indicate the company for which the TetherBox is being activated during the activation process.

  2. Review and verify access permissions for each site, ensuring that only the suitable integrators have access.

  3. Maintain open communication with the platform support team to address any concerns or correct issues related to access and client management.

Furthermore, where possible, it is best practice to use a separate email address for your own customers compared to those you activate on behalf of another security company. Ideally, the domain of the email should be under the relevant company's domain. However, we permit the same email to be used with multiple companies, as some users prefer to view a comprehensive list of all sites they have permission to access without switching between accounts.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that once your user account is removed from a security company, you will no longer be able to view engineers associated with that particular company. Please be aware of this when managing your account and coordinating with security companies.

Should you face any challenges or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team via live chat or email at for prompt help.

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