Connecting your payment processing account to your Better system is an easy process which will enable you to charge your client's card payments directly in Better or through the Pay Now button for invoices.

Please watch this 3 minute video on how to connect your Stripe account to Better,  OR follow the written steps and images below:

First, we need to open the Stripe payment type from with the customize menu's location settings/builder page. Follow the steps in the images below.

NOTE: The Stripe Payment method may be labelled differently than pictured above but should contain the word 'Stripe'.

Next, click the 'Connect Stripe' button pictured below to connect your Stripe account to Better.  All you need to do is sign in - no API Keys required!

Once you complete signing into Stripe, your Stripe account will then be successfully connected to Better!

You can now start charging client cards from your checkout menu!

NOTE: Our updated Stripe integration has excellent embedded security.  Please note that payments may take longer to process than they did on our original Stripe payment integration.

If you have any questions about integrating your Stripe payment processor into Better, please send us a chat message.

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