About the Pay Now button:

Stripe's Pay Now button for your Better invoice templates is an easy and convenient option for collecting payments from your clients!  Just email your client a copy of their order, using Your clients can conveniently pay you, and you save time entering payments.

When your client clicks the Pay Now button in the .pdf invoice that you email them, they will be brought to a payment screen (which will reflect your system logo) where they can then securely enter their card info and submit their payment.

*NOTE: The payment amount field on the payment screen, pictured above, is editable.  This allows clients to enter partial payments for purposes of thing like deposits/down-payments. This also enables clients to over-pay, which is useful for scenarios like receiving tips.

Once the client has submitted their payment, the payment will be automatically reflected on your associated Better order/invoice.  This saves you time and worry!

How to add the Stripe Pay Now button to your invoices:

 1.  Under he customize menu, select the invoice builder page and click on the template that you wish to add the Pay Now button to.

2.  At the bottom of the invoice builder page, click 'add section' and select the 'pay now' option listed on the right side of the page.

 3.  Once the Pay Now button is added, you can drag it into your preferred placement on your template.

4. Save when finished by clicking the check-mark at the top-right of the page.

NOTE:  In order to use Stripe's Pay Now button on your invoices, you must have have an activated Stripe account integrated with Better

We hope you like this convenient payment option!  Please chat in to us if you have any questions regarding Stripe's Pay Now button option.

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