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Stripe - Manually Enter Card Payments
Stripe - Manually Enter Card Payments

How do I accept Card Payments in Better with Stripe?

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Accepting credit and debit card payments on your Better orders is a breeze with Stripe.

Once you have Stripe integrated with Better, you can begin processing credit and debit card payments on your Better orders. 

How to accept card payments using Stripe, on your Better orders:

Start by clicking the 'Accept Payment' button on your job.

Select Stripe as the payment method within the 'other' dropdown. Then, simply fill-in the client's name on the card, the card number, expiry, CVC security code (on the back of the card), and the client's zip code.

Click the final 'Accept Payment' once the card information is entered and to process the payment.

Once your payment has processed successfully, you will see the payment recorded in the Payments section of the job.

NOTE: Stripe payments processed on BPro jobs cannot be immediately refunded. The transaction must first clear within the Stripe account, which usually takes 24-48 hours. If you payment needs to be corrected/refunded right away, you can log into your Stripe account directly and then void the payment there


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