Customer property can be titled many things depends on the labels that are set up within your Business Language. However, the default label is titled Customer Property. These are very simple to create and there is an article here which outlines the process to do so.

There must first be a customer assigned to the job in order to attach a customer property as well. Once a customer is assigned to the job, you will see a drop down section where all property for that specific customer resides.

Simply click into that drop down menu and it will list all the property that has been created to date for the specific customer. You are also able to create additional or edit existing property within this section if necessary. There will be a blank circle beside each property, and you will simply just need to click on the circle beside whichever property that you'd like to assign to the job.

Once you have attached the customer property to the job, you will also see this listed in the top section of your job. This can then be changed or removed from this area as well.

Customer property can also be displayed on the invoice upon being attached to your job. This is sometimes preferred by clients so they are able to see exactly which one of their properties is being worked on. To ensure this option is available for your invoices there is an article here which outlines how to use our Invoice Builder.

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