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Direct Messaging Overview
Direct Messaging Overview

The basics about DMs

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Direct Messaging on The Mighty allows two connected users to have a one-on-one conversation within the app.

Direct Messages can be found in the Inbox on the bottom navigation bar, along with your Notifications.

Direct Messages can include text, emojis, links and images (jpg or png format).

Within a conversation, individual messages can also be saved using the bookmark icon. Use this option if someone sends you an affirmation or link that you know you’ll want to quickly find again later!

Sending and Receiving Direct Messages

Only two users who follow one another can exchange Direct Messages.

If a user who follows you tries to send you a Direct Message, you’ll be notified. If you don’t already follow that user, you will need to follow them before you can read the message.

If you send a Direct Message to someone you follow, but they don’t follow you, they’ll be notified about your message but will not see it unless they decide to follow you.

You can initiate a Direct Message in two ways:

  1. Go to the member’s profile and choose the Send Message option.

  2. Go to your Inbox and choose Direct Messages, then select the pencil icon in the upper right. You'll be able to search your connections (users you follow who also follow you).

Managing Your Inbox

The menu in the top-right corner of the Inbox also allows you to manage your list of conversations. In this menu you can mark one or more conversations as read, archive one or more conversations, and access archived conversations.

Individual conversations also have a menu in the upper right corner. In this menu, you can view saved messages from a conversation and disable notifications for a specific conversation.

You can manage Notifications for all Direct Messages in the your Account Preferences, which are accessed from your profile.

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