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Reporting and Blocking

Safety options within Direct Messages

Written by Carla
Updated over a week ago

As with public posts on The Mighty, Direct Messages can be reported to The Mighty staff for review. You can also report users if necessary. You should do this if you are concerned for another user’s safety, or if you are receiving problematic messages from someone.

To report something within a specific conversation, access the Mighty Support System via the shield icon found in the upper right.

To report individual messages from a user, choose the Alert Staff option. You can select up to five messages to include in the report, and you can also provide additional information about your concerns.

The Report User option is also available here. You can provide information to The Mighty staff about your reason for the report before submitting it.

The Unfollow and Block options are available here as well. Either option will prevent a user from Direct Messaging you in the future.

You can also unfollow, block or report a user via their profile page. You can manage blocked users in the Privacy section of your Settings.

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