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How to Refer Friends to Thinkster
How to Refer Friends to Thinkster
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At Thinkster, we believe in the power of education to transform lives.

Our mission is simple yet profound - to provide accessible and quality education for students at a low cost.

We want every child to accelerate their learning, achieve outcomes, and boost their confidence.

That's why we encourage Thinkster families to share the magic of our program with their friends and families.

Plus - we have awesome referral incentives too! It's a win-win since you and your friend can both save!

Here's How it Works

Even if your friend is interested in another plan, you can still earn!

If your friend joins a League or Premier League plan with quarterly or annual billing OR joins any All-Stars plan, here’s what you’ll get:

How to Refer Friends

  1. Login to the Parent Insights App.

  2. Visit the "Refer a Friend" tab in the navigation.

  3. Click the "Click to copy" button (this will create a shareable sign-up link).

  4. Email or text the copied link to your friends! It's a quick way to give them a sign-up link with your referral code already populated.

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