The first step is to decide what you want to do with school leavers. You have two options:

  • Delete them - in most cases you probably want to delete their accounts. To do so, go to Account > Classes, select the names of the pupils, press the "Delete" tab and then the 'Delete Students' button. 
  • Keep them and move them to a "leavers" class- on the Classes page, create a new class called 'Leavers' by clicking the 'Add Class' button. Once this new class has been made. select the checkboxes next to the leavers and then click the 'Move to Maths Class' button and select the 'Leavers' class. 


For pupils who are moving up a school year, there are three steps to consider:

  1. Moving them up a yeargroup
  2. Changing their classes
  3. Resetting their scores (optional)

Step 1: Move pupils up a yeargroup

The first thing to do with children that are staying on is to move them up a yeargroup (e.g. from Year 2 to Year 3 or from Year 7 to Year 8). 

  1. Head to Account > Classes.
  2. Tick the checkboxes next to all classes
  3. Head to the Update tab.
  4. Then press 'Increment Yeargroups' button. 

Please note that it won't change the name of the class. If you need to rename a class, tick its box and press Rename Class below.

Step 2: Change classes

When it comes to moving pupils, you've got a few options and the most efficient method depends on whether pupils are really moving class or whether the class is simply changing the name and how many pupils are moving.

Option 1: Only the class needs renaming because the pupils stay with each other

  1. Head to Account > Classes.
  2. Hit the rename button next to the class and update the name.
  3. (optional) Change the name of the Pastoral classes too, if necessary.

Option 2: Pupils are moving between classes

  1. Go to Account > Classes, tick all the classes and press Downloads > Logins Spreadsheet at the top.
  2. In the spreadsheet that opens, change the pupils' maths and/or pastoral classes. (You can change any of the pupils' data EXCEPT their usernames as our system uses the usernames to determine whether they already exist or whether to treat them as new.)
  3. Return to the Classes page and press Add > Upload CSV.
  4. Either drag the saved .csv file into the dropzone on the left, or browse to where you saved it. Alternatively, copy the pupil data in the spreadsheet and paste it into the box on the right of the pupil uploader.
  5. Follow the uploader steps. It will do all the heavy lifting... creating the classes for you and putting pupils into their new classes, while preserving pupils' performance data.

Step 3: Reset Pupil Accounts (Optional)

You may want to clear pupils' paper results, their rock names, their earnings or their speeds. 

  1. Head to Account > Classes.
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the pupils/classes you wish to reset. 
  3. Press Update > Reset Pupil Data Options at the top and choose what you would like to reset. 


If you only have one or two students to add, simply use the "Add Student" button on the Classes page.

To add lots of pupils at once, you're best off using the pupil "Uploader".

Prepare a spreadsheet with at least these four columns: 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Maths class
  • Yeargroup

You can also provide a unique pupil id, their form/tutor/registration/homeroom class (known to us as Pastoral Class), their gender and date of birth - however these are optional. If you'd like to specify their username and password to match ones they already use, you can do that too. It may help to see our example spreadsheet.

Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. Then go to Account > Classes > Add > Upload CSV. Either upload the csv file, or copy the contents of the spreadsheet into the pupil uploader, then follow the steps on screen to complete the upload process.

Hint: You can add new pupils into the spreadsheet you're preparing for Movers (see above). In other words, you can upload one spreadsheet and our system will know the difference between the existing pupils that need updating and the new pupils that need adding.

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