Adding Individual Pupils

Go to Account > Classes and click the "Add Student" button. (If the button is deactivated, you'll need to add a Maths Class first, by clicking "Add Class".)

Adding Pupils In Bulk/ Adding a New Class

You can upload every class in the school at once and it will create the classes and the pupil accounts at the same time. This may sound terrifying but don't worry: if the following instructions can't help, just email or call us and we'll guide you through the process.

  • Prepare a 4-column spreadsheet with the pupils' first name, surname, class and yeargroup. Save time by including several classes in one long list. If you want, you can include extra columns such as DOB, gender, form group, username and password. Hint: As usernames for the pupils, many teachers use the pupils' school log-ins or their MyMaths/Mathletics/MangaHigh/etc log-ins.

  • Copy the data in the spreadsheet by selecting the cells from the top left to the bottom right and pressing ctrl & c (Windows) or cmd & c (Mac). Make sure you've included the top row (column headings) too.  

  • Log in to the website and go to Account > Classes > Add > Upload CSV. Tap in the large rectangle on the right so that the cursor appears and then paste by pressing ctrl & v (Windows) or cmd & v (Mac). This will go smoothly so long as your spreadsheet is in good order.  

  • Follow the onscreen instructions as you scroll down:...Match the column headings....Check you're happy with student preview....Press the Upload button at the bottom.

All being well, that should have done it! You'll be told they've uploaded successfully and be given the chance to save the username labels and parent letters.

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