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Using the interactive tools to help teach the times tables

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We have added a selection of interactive tools that you can use to support learners in understanding times tables concepts, both with multiplication and division. 

You can find the tools here.

This is what the overall selection of tools looks like when you first open it.

Setting the tables fact

You can either choose a random fact, hide the fact entirely, or select your own fact.
To select your own fact, either click to the left or right of a number to change it up/down, or click directly on the number to type in your own choice.

Switching between multiplication and division

Toggling between the options will tailor the tools to support you in teaching the appropriate facts.

Using the tools

You can use the little cross symbol to expand a tool to full-screen.
You can use the little '?' symbol to see help and teaching ideas for each of the tools.

Each of the tools has a teacher guide, if you'd like some more guidance on their use.  Just use the '?' symbol. 

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