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Sync direct to your school database to make user management a doddle.

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Available to schools in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and international schools around the world, Wonde allows your school register to talk directly to Times Tables Rock Stars and NumBots. School register may also be known as MIS (Management Information System) or SIS (Student Information System).


Once the link is established, you can effortlessly:

  • Import classes from your school database into TT Rock Stars or NumBots.

  • Match existing TTRS or NumBots classes to those on your school database.

  • Keep your TTRS or NumBots classes and pupils in sync with your school database.


Time-saver - you save all the time spent getting an upload spreadsheet ready, making class changes during the year, adding individuals as they arrive, delete pupil accounts who have left and setting up classes again for the new year.

Accurate data - you won't have to worry about getting the names of children and classes spelled correctly as it just pulls that information through from the school database.

Not just TTRS and NumBots - these benefits are magnified when you connect Wonde to your more third party platforms, like maths, reading and other learning apps, parent payment and messaging systems and loads more.

Free - yup...totally free. You don't pay Wonde and you don't pay TT Rock Stars. You welco 😄  There's nothing hidden here. We're not profiting in any sort of sneaky way. It's just that a) I know well what it's like as a teacher to be in charge of pupil online accounts and b) making our platform the best and easiest to use is our dream. 

Getting Started

  1. Wonde works with schools and apps around the world. Ask your school business manager to give them a call. They can set things up in minutes with almost any school database. Your data is safe by the way - read more below.

  2. Click on the Wonde Importer button on the Classes page (Account > Classes) and follow the on-screen instructions (the "merge wizard").

Click the button to read how to sync your classes for the first time.

We're synced, now what?

When a pupil arrives and joins an existing class - so long as they get added to the school database and belong to a class that is already synced, they'll magically be imported within 24 hours. 

When pupils move classes - when changes are made on your school database, they'll be mirrored on TTRS and/or NumBots within 24 hours.

When pupils information changes - should the name of a pupil or their class change on the school database this will be updated on TTRS and/or NumBots within 24 hours.

When pupils leave - if pupils are taken off your school database, they will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.

As you can see, once classes are synced, it all takes care of itself. The only scenario when you'd need to come back and run the importer wizard again is...

Adding whole classes - this applies at the beginning of the school year or during the year if there's a class you didn't originally import. Please click on Wonde Importer and go through the wizard again with classes that have not yet been imported. Simples 😄 

Data Security

Wonde provides a secure and robust data transfer method between your school's database and 3rd party applications such as TT Rock Stars. For more information please see their security documents

As part of the approval process, Wonde will issue your school with a free portal where you can approve/decline access to TT Rock Stars/NumBots, https://www.wonde.com/school/how-it-works/.

The portal allows you to control the data that is imported into TTRS and/or NumBots from your school database - we can only access the data you approve and you can also revoke access at any point.

Here's a list of the data that gets imported:

  1. Pupil name

  2. Class

  3. Yeargroup

  4. Gender (to allow you to set gendered battles and to help with impact reporting)

  5. Unique pupil number (so that we can uniquely identify the pupil and therefore mirror changes as they move through the school)

This is really just the data that you would import via spreadsheet plus the UPN.

We also give you the chance to import DOB (so that we can say happy birthday) and markers such as EAL, Pupil Premium and SEN to give you greater impact reporting powers. We don't need that information to run TTRS or NumBots more effectively so you're welcome to deny access to this additional information in your Wonde portal.

It goes without saying that we take the protection of your data very seriously. We're proud to be GDPR compliant and to be operating some of the most secure practices in the industry.

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