What is a Battle of the Bands?

A Battle of the Bands is a fun way to get groups of pupils competing against each other and are a great way to sustain pupils' enthusiasm for TTRS. You set the time for the Battle to start and finish and, during that period, the team with the highest average number of correct answers will be the winner.

Battles can be between:

Earning points in a battle

  • Every correct answer in any game type is worth 1 point towards your team's score. In other words, you can play in Garage, Rock Slam, Soundcheck, etc and earn 1 point per correct answer.
  • 💰 Don't confuse Battle points with coins! Coins are separate. You still earn 10 coins per correct answer in the Garage, 5 per correct Soundcheck answer and 1 coin per correct answer everywhere else.
  • Teachers earn points for themselves when participating in a pupils v teachers Battle, but cannot earn points on behalf of their classes in a pupils v pupils Battle.

Creating a Battle

Creating a battle can be done in just a few clicks. Please:

  1. Go to Tournaments > Battle of the Bands > New Battle button.
  2. Choose the groups you want to compete and the dates/times for the Battle to start and finish. During those times, pupils in those groups can play in any game type.
  3. Optional: restrict playing times - To promote digital wellness you can restrict the times of the day during which their points will count towards the Battle.
  4. Optional: set the battle to reoccur - You can then set the Battle to reoccur daily, weekly, or monthly.


At the end of a Battle, you can download certificates for the highest contributing pupils from each group. Please go to Tournaments > Battle of the Bands > Completed, then choose the correct Battle and press on the Certificates tab.

⚠️Problem! Points are not being earned!

The likely cause is that the Battle is a boy vs girl competition and our system hasn't yet been told which pupils are boys and which are girls.

Once you have assigned them a gender then points will start coming in for the Battle.

Reward Shop

You may also like to reward the winning class in some way, to motivate them to work even harder at practising their Times Tables. Visit our Reward Shop for some rock-inspired prize ideas for your class:

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