Where can I see improvement?

Without the Stats bolt-on

The best options are to compare:

  • Initial Studio Speed with Current Studio Speed

  • Baseline Gig Score with Recent Gig Score

  • First Soundcheck Score with Last Soundcheck Score

You can also see a pupil's Auto Training history over time by going to Stats > class name > ATM Results and pressing the little bar graph for each pupil.

Each of their Gig scores are available by clicking anywhere on their row.

With the Stats bolt-on

You can see progress in:

  • Fluency by looking at the Average Recall Time graph

  • Effort by looking at the graphs of minutes played and correct answers

Most Improved

You might want to celebrate those who have made the biggest improvement over time. To do so, please go to Stats > Custom Leaderboards and create a leaderboard of your choosing. Good ones are usually...

  • coins or answers over the last 7 days

  • Studio Speed or accuracy over the last 28 days.

The key to finding the most improved* is the way you order the leaderboard

Click on the final column heading to order it by that column.

If it's a coins leaderboard it will put those who have earned the most over your selected time period at the top. If it's based on Studio Speed then the pupils who have dropped their recall time the most will be at the top.

You could then press the printer icon to get an illustrated leaderboard to stick on the wall.


Press the certificate icon to get certificates for the top 3 based on absolute highest (e.g. fastest, most accurate) or most improved over the time period (e.g. biggest drop in recall time over the last 28 days or biggest increase in accuracy over the last 28 days).

What do we mean by 'improvement'?

*An improvement in accuracy or speed makes sense but 'improvement' may not always be the right word when joined with a TTRS metric like coins earned or correct answers given - you can't really improve in terms of coins earned.

"Most improved coins" really means the most coins earned over the selected time frame (which differs from simply "most coins" as that means the most coins of all time).

Think of "most improved correct answers" as "the largest number of correct answers over the selected period. While "most improved Studio speed" means the biggest drop in recall time in the Studio. That's a positive change even though it's a reduction.

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