NumBots’ Teacher Reports provide powerful formative analysis. You can see which children are underplaying, struggling to pass a level and those that are acing it. Our Teacher Reports push this information to the front so you only need to dip in briefly (Time taken: 5 to 10 minutes a week). We hope this data can inform your planning and resourcing and quickly identify strengths and weaknesses for individuals or groups to make a real difference.

The teacher reports are split in to 4 areas of tracking progress. 

You can find these reports by logging into and navigating to Stats.

Effort Report

Data collected from both Story Mode and Challenge Mode. You can use the Effort report to get a sense of how hard they’re working (but it doesn’t distinguish whether that was in school or at home).

  • Days Active - the number of days on which they've played a game in NumBots.

  • Minutes Played - the nearest number of minutes they've played on NumBots. For example, one game might last 56 seconds and another 45 seconds. That will be a total of 2 minutes (rounded to the nearest minute).

  • Games Completed - Total number of games played in Story Mode or Challenge Mode. 

  • Correct Answers - the total number of correct answers they've given.

  • Coins Earned - Total coins earned in Story Mode or Challenge Mode over a time period

Story Record

Data collected from Story Mode. Use this data to inform you of progress through the game. 

  • Progress - The % of Story Mode they have completed. 0% would mean they haven’t started and 100% would mean they completed Story Mode.

  • Average Attempts - Average number of times they have had to repeat a story level in order to progress.

  • Stage & Level - Their current stage and level. The magnifying glass provides a snapshot of the level.

  • Current Level Attempts - How many times a pupil has played their current level. A warning icon will appear if a pupil has attempted the current level 5 or more times.

  • Stars Earned - the number of stars they've earned. Remember the maximum is 3 stars per level.

  • Accuracy - Their % accuracy in Story games.

Challenge Result

NumBots keeps a record of players’ first score on each Challenge and their most
recent score for a rudimentary measure of progress. You can also view their accuracy and change in each of their values.

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