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Get ready to launch NumBots in your school!

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If you've successfully logged into NumBots, invited your colleagues, set up your pupils' accounts and tried the game out for yourself, it sounds like you're ready to launch!

Let's ensure you have all the tools and knowledge needed to make your launch day a resounding success...

Preparing for Launch Day

Visit the NumBots downloads page, where you'll find essential resources to make your launch day seamless. These resources include:

  • Getting Started Guide: An overview of NumBots to help you understand its features and benefits.

  • Launch Lesson Plan: A step-by-step guide to the launch lesson agenda.

  • Launch Lesson Presentation: A comprehensive Powerpoint presentation, which you will use throughout the lesson to introduce your pupils to NumBots.

Staff Meeting (optional): Consider using the Staff Training resources to inform your staff about NumBots in advance. A staff meeting before the launch day can get your team excited and informed about this powerful educational tool.

Pre-Launch Checklist:

  • Read Launch Lesson Plan: Familiarise yourself with our step-by-step guide on how to run the lesson using our Launch Lesson Powerpoint Presentation.

  • Customise Launch Lesson Presentation: Have a look through the Launch Lesson Presentation. Remember to edit your school's name on Slide 26, and to delete any slides that are not relevant to your class.

  • Prepare Username Labels: Prior to the launch lesson, print and cut out the username labels, which contain each pupil's username and password, to ensure a smooth start.

  • Download Parent/Carer Letters: Also, print out customised parent/carer letters containing the pupils' individual login details, for distribution after the launch lesson.

  • Setup Devices: Download the NumBots on your school's tablets, or if using computers or laptops, bookmark for quick access. Also, ask your network/IT person to ensure *numbots has been whitelisted.

Launch Lesson Agenda

The objectives of the launch lesson are for pupils to learn about the NumBots backstory, and for them to understand how to log in, both at school and later at home.

You will be using the Launch Lesson Presentation (and accompanying Launch Lesson Plan) throughout the lesson, which are available on the downloads page.

Before Lesson Begins:

Lay the tablets out and open the NumBots app before the lesson begins, to speed up logging in later. If the pupils will be playing on computers, open in Google Chrome.

During Launch Lesson:

The lesson has been split into 3 parts:

  1. Starter: Spend the first 10 minutes away from the devices. Use Launch Lesson Presentation slides 6 - 16 (which include two engaging videos) to introduce NumBots to your pupils.

  2. Time to Play: The following 20 minutes will be spent on devices. Use slides 17 - 41 to guide your pupils, step-by-step, through logging in, choosing an avatar, and starting to play in Story Mode.

  3. Reflection: Once the pupils have logged out, spend the final 15 minutes of the lesson using slides 42 - 57 to help children reflect on what they've learned. (Some of these slides may not be relevant to your class so feel free to delete or skip them.)

End of Launch Lesson:

Send your pupils home with their parent/carer letters. These contain their individual login details so they can continue playing NumBots at home. We also have a Parent Guide on the downloads page, providing family-friendly information about NumBots, which you may also like to share with parent and carers.

Launch Ideas

Make a day of it...

If you're launching NumBots to multiple classes, you could present the launch lesson's 10 minute Starter during a special NumBots assembly instead - then have the pupils return to their classes to continue logging in.

Go all out!

Enthusiasm for maths is infectious! If the pupils see you excited for NumBots, you'll be onto a winner... Take a look at our social media platforms for inspiration on how you can build the hype and have an unforgettable launch day - with robot costumes, activities, and games.

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