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Using NumBots in School
Can pupils play at home? (NumBots)
Can pupils play at home? (NumBots)

NumBots Home playing

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Definitely yes! Pupils use their school username and password to login at home using the website or the app. The app is free to download on any mobile or tablet here.

Initially children might need some help navigating to the website and entering their login details. However, once they’re in, they should just need some quiet space to get on playing in Story and Challenge Mode.

You can see when a pupil has last played by heading to the NumBots Dashboard but this will not distinguish whether they last played at home or school.

We recommend that children play little and often - at least 3 minutes, 4 or 5 times a week. Use Activity Goals to set pupils a weekly target and keep an eye on who is playing at home.

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