School Headlines (TTRS)

Average figures to summarise the class' performance

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With the Stats bolt-on, each stats page has a set of summary figures at the top to help you get a snapshot of how they're doing. You can see figures broken down by the whole school or by individual classes.

To view headlines for the whole school please:

  1. Go to Stats.

  2. Click the Headlines tab.

On this page you will be able to view the schools:

  • Average Studio Speed

  • Percentage Played

  • Daily Minutes played

  • Accuracy

You can filter the dates you are viewing data for in just a few clicks. We have default options of:

  • 7 Days

  • 14 Days

  • 30 Days

But we also have a 'Custom' option where you can choose the start and end date for when you want to view the stats for. This comes in particularly useful for when you want to view stats for the whole year or term.

Class View

If you wish to see a class view of these stats simply scroll down to the table where you can view the same information above, plus a few extras like coin earnings.

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