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Logging in as a family (NumBots)

Signing in to (and out of) each family member's account

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Family Account

Logging in to the family account

When you register to NumBots, you will enter your email address and set a password. That is what you will need to log into your family's account - the parent's email address and password.

Please visit or download the NumBots app to log in to your family's account.

Once you've logged in to your family's account, you'll reach your family sign in page. This is where family members sign in to their individual accounts.

On the app, your family will stay logged in until someone presses the "Log out" button.

Resetting your password

If for any reason you're locked out of your account, we can send you a link to reset your password. Please click, "I've forgotten my password", then enter your email address.

Please note that every time you send yourself a new link it will stop any previous links we've sent from working. So if you send two in a row, for example, only the more recent one will work.


Sign in as a parent

From your family sign in page, continue to your parental account by clicking on the tile with your name.

As a parent you will be able to add other family members, view children's progress, manage subscriptions and even join in the fun yourself by playing NumBots with your very own profile.

Sign out of parental account

To sign out of your parental account and return to your family sign in page, click "Switch User", in the main menu.

This prevents a child from accidentally playing NumBots via your profile, rather than their own, and from being able to access parental controls. You will be required to enter your password the next time you sign in to your parental account.


Sign in as a child

To sign in and play as a child, click on the tile containing their name on your family sign in page.

If you are currently signed in as another family member, click "Switch User" to return to your family sign in page.
If you cannot see the child's name tile on your family sign in page, you will first need to create an account for the child by signing in to a parental account.

Children's PINs

Rather than standard passwords, children have 4 digit picture PINs which are made up of a combination of 4 animals.

A child's PIN is set by the grown-up when they create the child's account. If you need to find it out, sign in to the parental account and click "Manage Users", in the main menu. You'll see their PIN on that screen.

Children can't change their own PIN so if you want to edit a child's PIN, sign in to the parental account and go to Manage Users > *Child's name* > Edit User.

Sign out of child's account

To sign out of an individual child's account and return to your family sign in page, click on the image at the top of the screen of the child's avatar and coin total. Then click the red, "Switch User", button that appears.

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