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Add users and manage family (NumBots)
Add users and manage family (NumBots)

Adding, editing and deleting parents' and children's accounts

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Parental Accounts

Family subscriptions allow for two parental accounts. They'll each have their own log in details and can both manage children's accounts, view stats and even play NumBots themselves via their own individual profiles.

First Parent

The initial parental account is automatically created using the name, email address and password used to subscribe with. To edit the first parent's details, please sign in to the parent's account, then go to Manage Users > *Parent's name* > Edit User.

Second Parent

To invite a second adult, sign in to the first parental account, then go to Manage Users > New User > Add Adult.

Once you've filled in the required details and clicked, "Invite", a short email will be sent to the second adult's email address with a link for them to set their password.

The second parent will be able to edit their details by signing in, then going to Manage Users > *Parent's name* > Edit User.

Children's Accounts

Family subscriptions usually allow up to three children to log in and play NumBots via their own individual accounts. (However, you can purchase additional child accounts if you require more than three.)

Adding Children

To create your children's accounts, sign in to your parental account, then go to Manage Users > New User > Add Child.

Type in the child's first name, last name, and select a 4 digit animal PIN. Make this memorable for the child as it's what they will need to log in. Then click "Save".
If you've already reached the maximum number of children, you will need to purchase an additional child account, or delete an existing child, before you can add any more children. Please do not use the second adult account for a child as that would grant them manager access and permissions.

Editing/Deleting Children

Sign in to your parental account, then go to Manage Users > *Child's name* > Edit User to change a child's name or PIN.
To delete a child, press the red "Delete user" button. Please note that deleting a user is irreversible and you will not only loose the child's ability to log in, but also their entire play history, progress and statistics.

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