NumBots family plans typically allow for up to two adults and three children to each log in via their own individual accounts. However, if you have more than three children that will be using NumBots, you will be able to select how many additional child accounts you would like when you register.

Each additional child account = £2.40 per year.

Can I purchase more accounts during my subscription?

Yes, if you need to add more children part-way through your subscription, you can purchase additional child accounts at any time. The cost (£2.40 per child per year) will be pro-rated to your subscription’s expiry date.

Sign in to your parental account, then go to Subscription > Purchase more accounts.

Why would I need additional child accounts?

It is important that each child plays using their own account, rather than sharing a login, so that we can correctly log each child's progress and award achievements.

Please do not use an adult account for a child as this would grant the child the same permissions and access as yourself, including viewing other children's progress, editing and deleting family members' accounts and managing your subscription.

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