NumBots family subscriptions require a one-off payment at the start of the year, which will give your family access to NumBots for 12 months. We won't automatically renew your subscription after 12 months, however you can choose to renew your subscription as follows:

If your subscription is about to expire:

To renew your family's subscription, sign into your parental account before your subscription expires and go to Subscription > Extend Subscription.

If your subscription has already expired:

If your subscription has already expired and/or you are unable to log in, please email the team at as soon as possible. Please note that your child(ren)'s data will be deleted automatically by us 12 weeks after your subscription expires (if you do not renew during that period), in accordance with our privacy notice. If you email us before then, we will be able to get your account back up and running so that your child(ren) won't have lost any of their progress or rewards.

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