Rock Slams
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1 vs 1

A Rock Slam allows a pupil to challenge someone from their class, year group, or school (either a pupil or a teacher), setting a time for the challengee to beat. When the challengee logs in, they'll be able to play against the challenger's 'ghost' in a head-to-head Rock Slam!

Rules of the game

  • 1 vs 1

  • All tables up to 12Γ—12

  • 1 coin per correct answer

  • 1 minute games

  • They don't need to be online at the same time.

Please go to Tournaments > Rock Slams to enable/disable Rock Slams, set restrictions or to see your students' challenges.

Teacher vs Group

In addition to the default 1 vs 1 play style, Rock Slams can be used to challenge whole groups at once! This way you can play first, set the score to beat, then all the pupils can see if they can beat you! Sounds fun, right? 😎

To Rock Slam a whole group at once, simply follow these steps: Play > Multiplayer > Rock Slam.

You can now use the section on the left to select the first class, then click 'select all'. Scroll down a bit to the second class and click 'select all' again.

Keep going until you've selected every child in every class that you want to try and beat you.

Now click 'Start challenge'

You now need to do your best to get the best score (easy I'm sure!) and all the pupils can then log in at any point and see if they can beat you.

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