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Script Columns

Columns can be added to the script or rundown view to add, edit or show more technical information

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There's different types of Columns that can be added to your view on the script or rundown. Columns provide extra information about the content in your show, such as timings, annotations, camera scripting or technical notes.

You can select or deselect columns to create a view tailored to your needs.

Default Script Columns

- Annotations

Show or hide the annotations of a card in the script or rundown view by enabling or disabling this column.

- Cameras

The Cameras column enables Camera Scripting. This way you can add cameras inline of your script, add shot descriptions and cutlines.

Camera scripting is only available in script view.

- Timings

To view, add or edit Timings in your script or rundown, enable the Timings column. You have the option to show or hide different timing calculations.

Find out more about Timings

- Cue

The Cue column allows you to cue every card during a live show. This will record the actual time of the show and enables the whole crew to follow the cued parts and be automatically scrolled to the next sequence in your show.

Additional Script Columns

Additional columns can be added to your project on demand. Extra columns are designed to contain text notes on card level.

Contact us via Intercom or to add or remove additional columns.

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