Integrations refer to the connection of data, APIs, applications and devices across businesses to create a collaborative unit and boost efficiency. As an admin, you can see an overview of the current integrations on any given platform via the 'Integrations' tab in Control.

If there is an integration to upload users from one system to the system of TinQwise, you can see the latest updates by clicking on the 'User import' tab.

Here you can find more information on whether the import was successful. Sometimes errors or warnings occur during the import, you can find out what happened exactly in the 'Info' column. While warnings do not lead to a failed import, errors do. By clicking on the arrow under 'Actions', you can access the import logs and download the imported file.

­čĺíPlease note: if the data in the import file uses the wrong columns or has spelling mistakes, it will be detected as an error and the import will be dropped. You can read about how to use User import files correctly here.

If you are looking for information on single sign on (SSO) integrations, check out our in-depth article here.

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