One way to manually invite new users to the platform is by using the "Import new users" option. You can find this under Audience -> Invite users -> Import new users.

Here you can upload a data file with users that you want to invite to your platform. You can upload a xlsx file directly.

Here is an example of our standard user file. You can download it under the 'Choose file' tab. This format can be used for both manual and automatic user imports.

Fields included in this file are:

  • User ID

  • Email

  • Firstname

  • Lastname

  • Contract start date (year-month-day)

  • Contract end date (year-month-day)

  • Language

  • Country

  • Manager ID

  • Location

  • Function

  • Organisation Unit

  • Deactivate

You can automatically add users to a country, location, function and/or organisation unit group. These groups will then be marked with a blue 'From user importer' tag to signal that they were created automatically from the user import file.

💡 Please note that it is not automatically possible to add users to any other groups than these default ones. If you want the importer to be able to read other groups, you can put in a service request.

It is also important to keep the formatting of these default groups, as any change (even in the spelling) can lead to errors during the import.

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