How to add an external content to LXP

TinQwise LXP allows you to easily add external content to your platforms.

Step 1. Navigate to LXP Control > Content > Modules

Step 2. Click on Add SCORM/ LTI

Step 3. Select how you want to add an external link. Here, you will find 3 options of adding an external content:

  1. Uploading SCORM packages.

  2. Creating an LTI connection

  3. Connecting an external link

  • Read our instructive articles for detailed instructions on how you can link an external LTI source or upload a SCORM package to your platform.

Step 4. Find your module on the list of modules. Open the module details page. Here, you can find the settings for the step 5 and 6.

Step 5. Make sure your module is published via module settings box.

Step 6. Edit the Module title and image via customisation box.

Good to know 👀

  • External modules behave like any other modules in LXP.

    • Learners can simply click on the module tile to be automatically directed to the external content source.

    • You can set up automations for the externally sourced modules.

  • External module tiles are categories default as external.

  • Ensure the external link you use contains the protocol (http or https)

  • Some examples for external content providers that are currently used in TinQwise LXP are GoodHabitz, Lepaya, and Artra.

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