We often meet clients that wish to use LXP's fresh interface and fun learning formats, but are already commited to another learning management system. No worries! With remote SCORM you can enjoy LXP functionalities without replacing your current tooling.

What is remote SCORM?

Remote SCORM is a way to integrate our LXP into your own learning tool or LMS. We generate a SCORM package containing details to load our LXP straight from your LMS. Your users can then enjoy the learning experience LXP offers from the learning tool or LMS they are already used to.

What do users see when they open LXP via remote SCORM?

Users are redirected to the discovery stream that is set up within LXP. From there they can open modules and journeys.

Why would I choose for remote SCORM?

When you don't need the LMS functionalities of LXP, such as user management, course management and reporting, but you do want to offer an optimal learning experience for your users using the LXP interface and formats. On top of that, it is a relatively low-impact implementation.

Note: remote SCORM cannot be used in combination with LXP or LXP Enterprise.

What user information is passed on to LXP?

LXP only collects the user ID as known in your own LMS together with the first and last name of the user. It does NOT collect e-mail addresses or any other user data such as function or department.

Note: this means that we cannot differentiate content.

What data is reported back to the LMS or learning tool?

Remote SCORM offers limited insights. Completion rates are reported back as 0% with completion status “incomplete” until a user has completed 100% of the content available within LXP for the target group.

If the learner reached 100% progress, we will send back the completion status 'completed'. Some LMS-es also require success status to be set in order to complete a SCORM package, in those cases we also send success status “passed” to the LMS.

Are remote SCORMS multilingual?

Yes, if your LXP and its learning content is translated into multiple languages, learners can switch to different languages within the remote SCORM package.

Is a new SCORM package needed after a new version is released?

No, with a remote SCORM package, new versions of your LXP and new versions of content are available the moment they are published. That saves you the trouble of redistributing SCORM packages.

How many remote SCORM packages can I have per LXP?

You can have as many remote SCORM packages available as you want. If you want to offer differentiated courses or learning programmes for different customers or departments within your organisation, you can create remote SCORM packages for each individual target group and enrol the right learners to that remote SCORM course in your learning management system.

What am I missing with remote SCORM?

Remember that we always recommend having your own LXP. When using remote SCORM you can't report, differentiate content or notify users. Also, it's good to note that you're not able to create your own content or adjust it on the fly as the basic implementation of remote SCORM is without access to the Content Builder and Control. If these functionalities are important to you, we suggest to have another think or talk about switching to LXP.

Please note: if possible we recommend using a LTI integration.

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