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Manually add timestamped notes to meetings
Manually add timestamped notes to meetings

Take timestamped notes of important meeting moments

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When you record a meeting with tl;dv, our AI automatically highlights the important moments for you, and summarizes them for easy browsing.

Note: On the free plan, this is limited to the first 10 meetings.

You can manually highlight key moments too. This lets you:

Important: Adding manual meeting notes during a Google Meet requires the tl;dv Chrome extension. Adding them during Zoom or MS Teams meetings requires the tl;dv desktop app.

Highlight a moment for AI to summarize

If you don't have anything additional to add, but you want to ensure that a moment isn't missed, simply click the pin icon:

Tip: This is very rarely necessary - our AI is great at its job, and gets better every day πŸ˜‰

Highlight a moment with an additional note

To add some extra info, a new thought, or idea, simply type your note into the box and click the pin icon:

These notes will be timestamped and available with the recording in tl;dv:

@mention someone in your note

To tag your teammates in specific meeting moments, first install the Slack Integration in your tl;dv workspace.

With the Slack integration installed, type someone's @username in the moments that are relevant to them. After the meeting is over, they will be automatically notified in Slack to catch up on that moment:

Note: The slack integration only works for notes added during meetings, not after.

Edit or delete notes during a meeting

To edit or delete a note during a meeting, hover over it and click the pencil icon to edit, or the trash icon to delete:

Add manual notes after a meeting

After a meeting has been recorded, simply highlight any part of the transcript and click "Add note":

Edit or delete a note on an existing recording

To edit or delete an existing note, hover over the three dots menu icon and click edit, or delete:

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