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What are the limits of the Free plan?
What are the limits of the Free plan?

Can't download a meeting? Wondering about archived storage? Only seeing 10 minutes of notes? Find your answers here

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Our Free plan gives you access to unlimited recordings, transcripts and manually timestamped notes. However, to keep it free there are some other limitations in place:

  • Recordings on the Free plan are stored for 3 months. 4 weeks before their scheduled deletion date, you will be notified and are able to download them.

  • Outside of this 4 week window ☝️ recordings made on the free plan, cannot be downloaded, even by a user on the Pro plan.

  • After 3 days, recordings on the Free plan are moved to long term "archived" storage (this keeps server costs down πŸ˜‰) - The transcript and notes remain accessible, but you must unarchive them in order to watch the video. This can take up to an hour and a half.

  • Your first 10 meetings will have automatic AI notes summarizing the entire meeting - After this, only the first 10 minutes of each meeting will have automatic AI notes.

  • You get 10 free AI prompts, to generate custom content based on one meeting, or many.

  • You can receive 10 free AI Reports, scheduled and sent directly to your inbox.

  • You get 20 "Integration credits" for use with our Zapier integration - One integration credit is counted each time a Zap is triggered by an event in tl;dv, like "Recording Added".
    Integration credits are also used each time a workflow is triggered with our HubSpot, Salesforce, or Salesloft integrations.

  • You can create and share 4 clips for free - Clips cannot be downloaded, even by a user on the Pro plan.

  • You can manually upload 3 files to be transcribed for free.

  • You can auto-publish meetings to your organization (those with the same email domain as you) but not to your "Team". (A team in tl;dv are all those users sharing the same paid plan.)

  • If tl;dv experiences a surge in recordings happening at the same time, and our servers are under heavy load, customers with the Pro plan will be prioritised. In these rare cases, your meeting may not be recorded if you have the free plan.

Note: These limits are for the lifetime of the account, they do not renew monthly.

Subscribing to the Pro or Enterprise plan removes all these limits, unlocking key features, like unlimited AI summaries, viewing analytics, integrations with over 5000+ productivity tools, instant access to older storage, and more. All from just $20 a month.

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