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tl;dv Integration with HubSpot
tl;dv Integration with HubSpot
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tl;dv enables you to connect your meeting recordings and notes to your HubSpot contacts. This integration is available for all Pro and Enterprise users.

To connect your HubSpot account to tl;dv, start with step by step instructions below:

1. Connect HubSpot Account

Now you can link your HubSpot account to tl;dv by going to the Integrations page and looking for the HubSpot integration section.

Click on the "Connect" button, give the required permissions, choose your HubSpot account, and complete the authorization steps. Now you should see your HubSpot account is connected to tl;dv's account.

2. Select Configuration Settings

To complete your HubSpot integration setup, you need to make sure you have your preferred configuration settings enabled as shown below:

In order for the integration to work, you need at least one of these options enabled.

3. Select Recording Settings

If you want tl;dv to record and transcribe your scheduled meetings from your calendar, then you will need to select which meetings you want tl;dv to automatically record as shown below from the Automations page.

Once you have the appropriate automatic recording settings enabled, you don't have to do extra work to record day-to-day meetings.

This way, now you don't have to worry about missing any key customer details from customer conversations and still make sure you capture important details in the HubSpot CRM in a timely manner.

✨ The setup is now completed and all your linked meeting moments will be pushed directly to the HubSpot profile of the contact you had your call with.

We are super excited to have started the CRM Integrations party with HubSpot and Salesforce and are eager to hear your feedback. Got any comments, feedback, or ideas? Shoot us a message on our chat πŸ’¬

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