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Can I have more than one Trading Combine at a time?
Can I have more than one Trading Combine at a time?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can have more than one active Trading Combine at a time. There is no limit to how many active Trading Combines you can have at any given time.

If you do have multiple Trading Combines, make sure to double-check which account you're trading on before you begin trading. Topstep isn't responsible for any trades made on the wrong account.

Single Account Policy

Traders are not permitted to have multiple Topstep profiles, and the existence of multiple Topstep accounts/profiles for a single user is a violation of our Terms of Use that can potentially result in negative actions such as:

  • Topstep accounts/profiles or Trading Combines being closed without warning

  • A temporary or permanent suspension of your accounts

All Trading Combines, Express Funded Accounts, and Live Funded Accounts must be opened using a single Topstep profile. Do not create a new Topstep account/profile when purchasing additional Trading Combines.

  • If you've opened an additional Trading Combine under a separate Topstep account/profile or opened more than one Topstep account/profile, please contact our Trader Support Team.

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