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What is a Trade Report and when should I expect it to be updated?
What is a Trade Report and when should I expect it to be updated?
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When does my Trade Report Update?

Trade Reports are updated at the end of each trading day and usually appear on your dashboard by 6 PM CT. However, trade reports can occasionally take a bit longer than this on high-volume, busy trading days. You will see the animated banner along the top of your Dashboard to remind you of the Trade Report processing time between 3:00 PM-6:00 PM CST.

Tip: If you purchase a Reset or a new Trading Combine subscription while Trade Reports are being processed between 3:10 PM and 5 PM CST, there might be a slight delay before your new account becomes available. If you purchased a Reset or new Trading Combine during this timeframe, please wait until after 6 PM CST to see if your account is available. If you're still having an issue with your Trade Report after that time, please connect with the Trader Support Team so that a Trader Support Specialist can help.

Helpful data to check on your Trade Report

Your Trade Report contains all the information you need to get smart about your trading. Below are the statistics you should check daily and why they matter:

1. Net P&L

What is this number?

  • Your total wins and losses, including fees and commissions

  • It is used to calculate the Daily Loss Limit and other account rules.

How to use this number?

  • This is your trading scoreboard; gauge how well your strategy is working in the markets

  • If positive: recognize your strategy is working, stay humble, and keep doing what you are doing

  • If negative: recognize that your strategy may need adjusting, keep your head up, and continue to review your metrics

2. Average Winning Trade and Average Losing Trade

What is this number?

  • Average Winning Trade: The average profit from all winning trades

  • Average Losing Trade: The average loss from all losing trades

  • Your risk-to-reward ratio

How to use these numbers?

  • If the Average Winning Trade (reward) is larger than the Average Losing Trade: Remain focused on increasing this number and creating smaller losing trades

  • If the Average Losing Trade (risk) is larger than the Average Winning Trade: Focus on increasing winning trades and cutting losses early

3. Winning Trade Percentage

What is this number?

  • The percentage of winning trades out of total trades (this percentage does not include break-even trades)

How to use this number?

  • If 60-100%: You’re trading well, consider increasing the contract size

  • If 40-60%: This is a sustainable and good range, maintain a positive risk-to-reward ratio to ensure profitability

  • If 0-40%: Improvement is part of the journey. Decrease contract size, consider adjusting your strategy

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