What is a Trade Copier?
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What is a Trade Copier?

A trade copier is a software application that enables traders to automatically copy trades executed by one account to another account in real-time.

Trade copiers are commonly used by traders who want to replicate the trades of a successful trading strategy. By using a trade copier, the trader can automate the process of copying trades and eliminate the need for manual entry of trades on each account.

Once the Trade Copier is set up, any trades placed in the lead account that meet the specified filters will be automatically copied to the follower account(s) with the specified lot size multiplier.

It is important to note that trade copiers do not guarantee success, and there is always a risk involved in trading. We recommend carefully researching and evaluating any trading strategy before using a trade copier to copy trades.

Our prohibited policy remains in effect. Trade copying across your Multiple Funded Accounts is a way to help manage your risk. If you plan to trade in this manner, please protect your risk and manage the size you are trading. Remember that hedging your positions across multiple accounts is prohibited. Trading in concert with other traders is prohibited when used to tamper with our program. Our Risk Management Team monitors all accounts to ensure best practices are in place.

Supported Trade Copiers

The following Trading Platforms have Trade Copiers that can be used with your Topstep Trading Combine or Funded Account. Click the link below for instructions on setting up your desired Trade Copier:

This Trade Copier is free and can be used with your TopstepX login.

This Trade Copier is free and can be used with your Tradovate login.

This Trade Copier is free and can be used in R|Trader Pro.

This Trade Copier is free and can be used with your Quantower login.

Read this before using a Trade Copier

  • Trade copying at its root is placing trades on a single account, which will copy to other accounts when executed. It's not placing trades on each account individually, so between the time of execution from one as it translates to the other copied accounts, it's not uncommon to find small discrepancies in balances over time as orders may be slightly different.

  • The Trade Copier will only copy trades that are placed after proper set-up.

  • The Trade Copier may introduce latency, so it's important to monitor the copied trades closely to ensure they are executed correctly.

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