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How to trade on TradingView with your Tradovate Trading Combine
How to trade on TradingView with your Tradovate Trading Combine
Updated over a week ago

We are excited to announce the re-release of the integration that will allow you to trade within the TradingView web platform and have that trade activity reflected in your Tradovate Trading Combine® and Topstep® Dashboard. Also, the risk rules within Tradovate will work for trades submitted through TradingView.

To use this integration, you must have a Tradovate Trading Combine or have earned a Tradovate Funded Account.

How to log into TradingView with the Tradovate login integration:

1. First, log in to the Tradovate platform using the username and password provided in your 'Topstep Account Credentials' email. Be sure to select the 'simulated environment' when prompted to select a Trading Mode.

2. Once you're correctly logged in, click Application Settings in the top right corner of the platform.


3. Within the Application Settings, click on Add-On Tools and then Activate TradingView Add-On.


4. Now, you will need to sign in to TradingView with your personal TradingView account credentials. If you do not have a username with TradingView you will need to first create an account to use the integration.

Tips: This login is managed by TradingView and separate from your Tradovate login provided by Topstep™. Also, both FREE and Pro versions of TradingView will support this integration.

5. Once logged into TradingView, navigate to a Chart, select the Trading Panel tab, and click on the Tradovate logo within the Trading Panel.


6. Next, select Demo, input your Tradovate login information provided by Topstep™, and click the blue Connect button.


7. Once connected, you can select the account you want to trade, edit trading settings, and add modules like a DOM by clicking on the head and shoulders within the red box in the screenshot below.


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