TradingView Connection Troubleshooting
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If you're encountering an error message while using TradingView, or when attempting to log in or connect to TradingView, this can usually be quickly resolved on your end by following the simple steps we've outlined for you here:

You may occasionally see the following TradingView error message: Error! Failed to login: Tradingview has not been entitled to access your account. Please login to the Client Dashboard, then select Add-Ons and grant permission to access for TradingView. If you do get this error message, you can easily resolve this issue by following these steps to enable (or re-enable) the Add-On within the Tradovate platform; it's very important that you follow these steps when getting this error message, even if they've been unsuccessful in the past, as recent system updates should allow you to re-enable the add-on at this time.

How to resolve the TradingView Add-On error message:

1) Log in to Tradovate using your Topstep account credentials and select the 'simulated environment' when prompted to select a Trading Mode. Then click 'Application Settings' in the top right corner of the platform

2) Within the Application Settings, click on 'Add-On Tools' and then click 'Activate More Add-Ons'.

3) Next, click the blue 'Activate' button underneath the TradingView Add-On.

Once this is done, you can fully close out of each platform and re-try your login. Your TradingView add-on should now be enabled, which will allow you to connect your TradingView account to your Tradovate account from the 'Trading Panel' tab in Tradovate.

How to resolve the TradingView "broker connection limit has been exceeded" error message:

You may see this error message in TradingView: Error! Failed to login: The broker connection limit has been exceeded. Make sure you don't have a concurrent session and try to reconnect. If the issue persists, please, contact your broker. If you see this error message, you must ensure that you're only logged into TradingView on one device/browser tab at a time to fix this issue. You cannot be logged in on multiple sessions of TradingView, meaning various tabs, browsers or devices, at the same time. To resolve this, you must first log out of all instances of TradingView across all devices, then clear your cookies/cache on each applicable device before logging back into a single session.

If you continue to receive this error message after completely logging out and clearing all cookies/caches, you'll need to contact TradingView directly to fix this, as Topstep cannot fix this on our end. Get in touch with the TradingView Support Team here.

Other TradingView error messages

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, we may ask you to retrieve the HAR files in order to investigate this issue further for you:

  • Positions showing when flat or no positions showing when short/long

  • “Failed to Fetch” errors

  • Fills outside of where you see the market trading

To retrieve HAR files, log into the web-based version of TradingView. The HAR files are only available via the browser; you cannot access them from the Desktop version of TradingView. You will need to grab these files while the issue occurs. Please do not log out or disconnect from the platform while doing so. It's important to note that this step can be done in your Practice Account if you are recreating the issue.

How to Pull HAR Files in Chrome:

  1. Open Developer Tools in the Chrome Menu. Menu > More Tools > Developer Tools or by pressing Fn + F12 on your keyboard

2. Select the Network Tab and make sure the record button is red (click if grey) and confirm Preserve Log is checked.

3. If there is already data displayed, please erase it by clicking the clear button below:

4. Reproduce the issue and then right-click on the grid below to save.

5. Save as Account Name HAR file and send to Support.

System issue escalation steps are found in our Help Center, so please follow the steps at the bottom of this page to escalate this issue if needed: General Platform Troubleshooting

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