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General Trading Platform Troubleshooting
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This article covers how to quickly resolve trading platform issues that may arise like lagging or delayed data and also provides additional guides/forums, best practices, and escalation steps. For help with your platform connection or login, click here.

How to resolve platform issues

Check the symbol you're trading

The first step to troubleshooting a platform lag or issue is to ensure you are trading the correct symbol; We require our traders to trade the “front month” contract for all permitted products. This means that you need to be able to identify the front month and also be familiar with how to roll contracts forward when the front month changes. You can learn more about identifying the front month here: What is the Front Month?

Unsure if you're trading the correct product or symbol? There are some helpful signs to look for. These could all be signs that you need to double-check the symbol that you're trading:

  • low volume on the product you are trading

  • charts that look like they have incomplete or inaccurate data

  • charts that seem frozen

If you have already started trading an expired month (aka not the front month), you should finish out the trading day in that month, and then choose the new month the following trading day. (Tip: We include major trading events like contract roll announcements in our Weekly Kickoff email.)

Limit your number of sessions

Too many open tabs or sessions can contribute to platform issues, so reduce your number of sessions if lagging or freezing occurs. We recommend only one single tab in the web browser or the desktop version of your platform for the best functionality.

Reduce your charts and indicators

When the markets are moving fast, it will take time for your indicators to catch up. If you have multiple charts with multiple indicators and they are moving quickly, this may cause a drop in performance.

Hardwire your internet connection

We recommend being completely hardwired to your internet. Even the fastest WiFi connections can have issues if the signal fades for a split second. Ensure you have a stable and high-speed internet connection. Devices on mobile networks are at risk of losing connection when traveling which can change an IP address. These IP Address changes may not send an order to the platform and/or cause a user to log out of the platform. Use a wired connection if possible, and trade in a single location with a stable internet connection.

Update and Restart

Check for device and platform updates when you notice issues like lagging or frozen charts, and we recommend restarting be part of your daily routine. Ensure regularly that you have restarted your device recently and that you're using the most up-to-date version of your platform. Check your operating system, trading platform, and graphics drivers are up to date. Developers often release updates to improve performance and fix bugs.

Check device capacity

Trading platforms can be resource-intensive. Make sure your computer meets or exceeds the platform's recommended system requirements. Ensure your computer is powerful enough to have excess capacity. A faster CPU, more RAM, and a solid-state drive (SSD) can improve performance. Our recommended requirements specs are:

  • RAM - Minimum of 8GB of RAM, but 16GB is better

  • Processor - You need a processor with at least 4-6 cores (i5), but more is better (i7, i9, or M1)

  • Hard Drive – Use a Solid State Drive (SSD) with at least 250 GB storage.

Increase your timeframe

If you are running tick charts, please try a larger time frame if you notice lagging or freezing. You will generally need much more computing power to run tick charts, and adjusting your timeframe could help isolate your issue.

Close unnecessary programs

Running multiple applications simultaneously can consume system resources and lead to lag. Close any unnecessary programs and browser tabs running in the background.

Platform Guides

If you continue to experience issues after confirming each step listed above, additional resources for your platform can be found here:

Additional resources

System Issue Escalation

If you're still unable to resolve your platform issue after going through all of the steps and resources listed above, our Trader Support team can help! We'll need to gather details to investigate your platform issue, so be prepared to provide all of the following info:

  • Behaviors Experienced

    • i.e., lagging, freezing, unable to exit positions

  • Trading Combine Account Number

  • Date & Time the issue occurred

  • Order ID Number

  • Which product(s)

    • i.e., NQ, CL

  • Screenshots or screen recordings/video

We may also ask for additional data like HAR files or a screenshot of your Task Manager Performance. HAR files must be captured while the lag is occurring, not after the lag has improved. Screenshots and screen recordings are encouraged. Follow these instructions to connect with the Trader Support Team: How do I contact the Support Team?

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