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What happens after I pass the Trading Combine?
What happens after I pass the Trading Combine?
Updated over a week ago

What happens after I pass the Trading Combine?

After passing the Trading Combine, you must wait until your Trade Report is updated to reflect that you’ve passed. This happens between 5-6 PM CT Monday through Friday. (Trade Reports are not updated over the weekend when the markets are closed.)

Example: You pass your Trading Combine at 12:45 PM CT on Friday. By 6 PM CT, you should receive notifications that you’ve passed the Trading Combine.

If you recently passed a Trading Combine, you will be notified in three ways:

  • You’ll receive an email from Topstep sometime after 6 PM CT with the subject line “Congratulations, Funded Trader!”

  • You’ll see a green banner on your Topstep Dashboard that says, “Congratulations! You’ve passed your Trading Combine and earned a Funded Level Account.” This banner will include the Account Name of the passed Trading Combine, and you can click directly on that link to be taken directly to that account's Trade Report.

  • The Trade Report of the passed Trading Combine will have a button on the right-hand side that says “Start Express Funded Account!”

Once you've been notified that you passed the Trading Combine, it's time to begin the Express Funded Account activation process. Click here for step-by-step instructions on activating your Express Funded Account. The entire process only takes a few minutes!*

*If you pass your Trading Combine on a Friday, you can pay the Activation Fee immediately, but your new Funded Account will not be available on your Dashboard or in your Trading Platform until the markets reopen at 5 PM CT on Sunday.

*T4 platform accounts always take up to one (1) business day to create. We’ll email you as soon as it’s ready!

When will I receive my Funded Trader Certificate?

You will receive your Funded Trader Certificate around two business days after passing your first Trading Combine. This certificate is sent to you after passing the Trading Combine for the first time only.

How can I check or confirm if I passed the Trading Combine?

To check or confirm if you've passed the Trading Combine, you'll need to wait to view your Trade Report (updates Monday-Friday between 5-6 PM CT), check your Dashboard for a green banner that indicates you passed, or wait for an email from Topstep that says “Congratulations! You’ve passed your Trading Combine and earned a Funded Level Account.”

Please note: the confirmation for passing your Trading Combine comes from your Trade Report, and the Support Team cannot confirm if you've passed intraday.

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