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Express Funded Account™ Activation Fee
Express Funded Account™ Activation Fee
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This article goes over everything you need to know about Topstep's Express Funded Account™ Activation Fee.

After paying your Activation Fee, your new Express Funded Account credentials will be emailed to you within 1-2 business days. To avoid any delays, please follow these instructions closely.

  1. You must provide the same email address as your Topstep profile when paying the Activation Fee. Otherwise, you will experience delays in receiving your Express Funded Account.

  2. The Activation Fee must be paid within 30 days of passing your Trading Combine to receive your Express Funded Account.

  3. By paying the Activation Fee you agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined in the Express Funded Account Agreement and Exhibit A.

  4. The Activation Fee must be paid for each Express Funded Account earned. This means that the Express Funded Account fee is required for each passed Trading Combine.

  5. Express Funded Accounts are created automatically by our system within 1-2 business days after paying the Activation Fee, and we cannot honor requests to expedite this process. This process can take up to 2 full business days.

Once you've reviewed the Express Funded Account agreement and paid the Activation Fee, there are no additional steps to complete. You will receive an email receipt as confirmation that your Activation Fee payment was successful and received by us.

What is the Activation Fee?

  • Topstep's Activation Fee is a one-time, flat fee of $149 charged to traders during the setup process for each Express Funded Account earned. This fee remains consistent across all account sizes. It is non-refundable and contributes to covering the costs associated with onboarding, monitoring funded traders, and providing ongoing support and services exclusively to Topstep Funded Traders.

How much is the Activation Fee?

  • The Activation Fee is a one-time, flat fee of $149 once you pass the Trading Combine and begin an Express Funded Account (The Express Funded Account is sometimes referred to as "XFA").

What does the Activation Fee cover?

  1. Account Onboarding: Once approved, the Activation Fee supports the onboarding process, including the setup and configuration of your Express Funded Account. This involves creating your trading account, establishing risk parameters, platform, and Level 1 data fees, and ensuring all necessary technical aspects are in place.

  2. Ongoing Support and Services: By paying the Activation Fee, traders gain access to a range of ongoing benefits and services. These include group coaching, a direct line to our Risk Managers, comprehensive support from our Funding Specialists, and processing payouts. We are committed to providing you with the necessary tools and guidance to maximize your trading potential.

  3. Account Management: The Activation Fee contributes to the thorough review the Risk Managers undertake to assess traders' abilities and performance. This involves analyzing historical trading performance, risk management, and adherence to our trading rules.

Activation Fee Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the activation fee a one-time charge or monthly?

  • The activation fee is a one-time charge of $149 per Express Funded Account earned. The fee is the same amount across all account sizes.

Do I need to pay an activation fee for each Express Funded Account?

  • Yes. Each Express Funded Account earned will have a one-time activation fee of $149. This means that the Activation Fee of $149 must be paid each time you pass a Trading Combine for the new Express Funded Account to be opened. The fee is the same amount across all account sizes.

Do I need to pay an activation fee when moving from an Express Funded Account to a Live Funded Account?

  • No. You will not pay an Activation Fee when moving from the Express Funded Account to a Live Account. The activation fee is paid after passing the Trading Combine. This fee will cover the initial and ongoing costs for the Express Funded Account.

What payment methods are accepted for the Activation Fee?

  • The Activation Fee must be paid with a credit or debit card. PayPal is not a supported payment method for the Activation Fee, and you cannot use winnings from other Funded Accounts to pay for the Activation Fee.

How long do I have to pay the activation fee in the Express Funded Account?

  • You have a 30-day window to pay the Activation Fee after passing your Trading Combine. We encourage traders to complete the onboarding process for the Express Funded Account within this timeframe. Unlike some other firms with shorter deadlines, such as two days, our thirty-day policy ensures traders aren't kept away from the markets for too long before onboarding.

  • This timeframe also allows us to maintain our internal processes for delivering a great Funded Account onboarding experience, which we've been doing successfully for over a decade.

Can I use someone else's credit card or debit card to pay my Activation Fee?

No, you cannot use someone else's credit or debit card to pay your Activation Fee. You must use a card that matches the name on your Topstep profile.

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