Multiple Express Funded Accounts
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Topstep allows traders to have five (5) active Express Funded Accounts simultaneously.

If you earn additional funding while already having five active Express Funded Accounts, any new accounts will remain pending until you close one of your existing Express Funded Accounts.

Requesting Payouts in Multiple Express Funded Accounts

  • Each individual Funded Account will follow the same Payout policy.

  • Payout requests from each account do not affect one another.

  • If more than one Express Funded Account (sometimes referred to as "XFA") is transferred to the Live Funded Account, those funds will be added to the overall account balance.

Traders may only have one active Live Funded Account with our brokerage partners.

Learn more about Express Funded and Live Funded Accounts here: Express Funded Account & Live Funded Account FAQ's

Permitted Trading in Multiple Express Funded Accounts

Trading in multiple Express Funded Accounts enables you to refine your approach while learning at a flexible and advanced pace so you can continue to trade with confidence. Topstep is a safe space to trade, learn, and grow.

Here’s how you can benefit from trading multiple Express Funded Accounts:

  • Trading different products and markets.

  • Trading different times of the day. (Examples: The open, economic releases, days of the week, etc.)

  • Trading on different platforms.

Prohibited Trading in Multiple Express Funded Accounts

The following conduct is considered prohibited in Multiple Express Funded Accounts:

  • Any activity that violates Topstep’s Terms of Use.

  • Taking the opposite trades across multiple accounts to “hedge.”

  • Trading similarly in partnership with other individuals. (i.e., placing the same trades in the same time increments), opposite strategy, hedging, or other activity.)

  • At any time, Topstep has the right to deny multiple Funded Accounts to a user for any reason.

Multiple Express Funded Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

  • What combinations of Funded Accounts can I have?

    • Traders can have different account sizes for Express Funded Accounts. For example, you can have two (2) 50K Express Funded Accounts and three (3) 150K Express Funded Accounts at the same time.

    • Traders can only have one (1) Live Funded Account when offered a Live trading account. The Live Funded Account parameters will be based on the largest account that is passed.

  • What happens when I pass one or more Express Funded Accounts and already have a Live Funded Account open?

    • Any Express Funded Account transferred to Live will have its ending balance added to the active Live Funded Account.

    • Each Express Funded Account will need to receive an offer to move to the Live Funded Account before funds can be transferred to a Live Funded Account.

    • The Express Funded Account balance that is transferred to the Live Funded Account will be the ending account balance when offered to trade live.

  • After passing the Trading Combine, can I switch to a new platform for my Express Funded Account?

    • No, you cannot switch to a new platform for your Express Funded Account after Passing the Trading Combine.

    • After passing your Trading Combine, your Express Funded Account will be established on the same platform as the Trading Combine. If you wish to have an Express Funded Account on a different platform, you'll need to begin a new Trading Combine and pass to earn an Express Funded Account on your preferred platform.

  • Can I copy trade up to five Express Funded Accounts at once?

    • Yes, traders can now trade up to $750k of buying power at once!

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